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I finished Harry Potter today...Beware comments might contain MAJOR SPOILERS for HBP so enter at own risk. I'm not talking about the contents right now...b/c i just can't...*lets hed bow*
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I am going to start it tomorrow after my root canal...seems an appropriate way to recuperate...thanks for not spoiling it. Though - no - I really don't want to know...:)
No worries, i wont reveal anything until people are ready. its the fastest time i have ever read a book. So i gotta wait for everyone to catch up.
haha thank you for not spoiling anything. ive gotten pretty far.

Chapter 11 page thirty. haha.

I finished the last book in a week and that was my record...i doubt i will be able to break it this time however...there is so much going on. but congradulations on finishing the book!